Welcome to Coney Island!

Hi! My name is Mariah Plakas and I spent a month researching, drawing, and exploring Coney Island! The F train was my trusty transportation vehicle every weekend on my way to this magical land in Brooklyn, NY.

My thesis takes place at a carnival, so using Coney Island as the location I researched has been super helpful to get the vibe of what I am going for. If you’re asking yourself, “Mariah, what is that kind of vibe you’re going for?” I’d respond with “Scroll down and you’ll find out,” but the real answer is the overstimulation and claustrophobic feeling you get at high traffic amusement park attractions.

Now it's your turn to explore Coney Island!
Vist their website and plan a trip today!

Project by Mariah Plakas for Visual Research 2022, SVA MFAVN 2023
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