illustration of the sign outside the shop.

No Particular Hours

Many Particular Feelings

No Particular Hours is an antique shop and garage sale that describes itself as having “vintage goods, industrial artifacts, and dead people’s things.” I was particularly interested in exploring the objects and ephemera left behind when the people are no longer there. I was also there to observe the emotions associated with the space and the things inside it. The shop carries a wide variety of items - from neon signs to furniture to bakelite nail picks.

Map of Objects

This map shows the layout of the store at the time of my visit (it has since changed!) On my first visit, I created a visual archive of some objects that I paritcularly enjoyed from the store (I think the super balls are my favorite, but I also love the pleasantly shaped rocks). I've marked where to find these objects on the map below.

A rough map of the layout of No Particular Hours. The lines are red on a cream background. There are bubbles with numbers next to them that indicate the approximate location of various objects.

Objects on the Map

An illustration of a black rotary phone

Rotary Phone

An illustration of a tub of various colored/patterned super balls.

Super Balls
$1 each

An illustration of an orange plastic toy car.

Toy Car

An illustration of a sign for Pleasantly Shaped Rocks.

Pleasantly Shaped Rocks
10 for $1

An illustration of a glass gem.

$3 each

Objects and Senses

Here are a few objects I found in the store along with some observations. This first diagram plots the objects on a graph showing how weird I found them to be and how emotional they made me feel. As an example, there was a knitted blanket for sale that one of the store employees said was his baby blanket. I almost could have cried just hearing about it, so it’s placed very high on the emotional charge scale. However, not particularly weird to me, so it’s pretty low on the weird axis.

A graph with emotional charge on the x axis and weirdness on the y axis

Music and Feelings

On one of my visits to the shop, I documented the songs that were playing over the course of an hour (ish) and then visually represented my emotional reading of each song.

A graph with colored bars plotting songs over time.
A text graph with a list of the songs on the graph and how to read the graphic.
Listen Here!

See For Yourself!

A sign that says buy now or cry later with a cartoon of a person crying. The image is a link to the No Particular Hours site

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