This summer, Wendie wandered around Central Park and made some phenomenal discoveries. Since Wendie is only a small little human and Central Park is such a huge park, Wendie decided to focus on one particular part of the park: the Lake. As the name suggests, the Lake is a lake. Wendie waddled around the Lake multiple times and encountered some really lovely things along the way.

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A Goose’s Journey

Wendie met a lot of geese during her trip. Among the geese, one special goose stood out: Mr. Grey. Mr. Grey was someone you could call a gentleduckman. He politely asked Wendie for suggestions on sightseeing spots around the Lake, and he then went on a journey himself.

1. Goose Bus

2. Castle Gate

3. The Monument

4. An Angelic Encounter

5. Snack Time

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Lovely Creatures Around the Lake

Wendie, after saying goodbye to Mr. Grey, also went on a walk on her own. She saw so many incredible creatures around the Lake, and she couldn't help but wonder, can I pet them? She tried her best to pet the creatures she encountered and then wrote a review about their pettablities.

WOW, so many butts!

After some rest, Wendie decided that it was not so fun to walk around the Lake alone. She called her boyfriend and he joined her trip. As they walked, their attention was drawn to all the different kinds of butts around them. Dress butts, Pants butts, moving butts, still butts, baby butts, geese butts… So many different BUTTS!

What a productive day!

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