One summer afternoon, the ghost boy Hahn E. Baba found himself yearning for a connection to nature amidst the metropolitan mess of New York City. The bored but intrepid spirit took to his map and searched until he found himself a suitable piece of grass in the borough of Brooklyn that some dandy fellow had named Prospect Park.

He liked the prospects of visiting this park, so he embarked from his Upper West Side ghost apartment, catching a Brooklyn-bound ghost train. By the time he exited the ghost train at the park's entrance, Hahn was drooling with a deep hunger for nature. Scroll down to experience what Hahn saw.

When Hahn first entered the park he was so amazed at all the sights there were to absorb as a shy but excited ghost. The map above highlights some of our brave ghost boy's favorite finds from his day at Prospect Park:

1. Scallop pattern on bridge!
2. Herringbone patterned tiles outside the Boathouse!
3. A horse!
4. Brick pattern in an old chimney!
5. A sign!

Woof woof! Hahn E. Baba loved seeing all the dogs at the park. Ghost boys don't often get to visit with dogs, so this was a big treat! Hahn played fetch with them and watched them play. For a brief moment, he even contemplated dognapping one of them. Don't do it, Hahn E. Baba!

Oh la la! Hahn E. Baba fell in love with all the wildflowers he encountered on his ghost trip around the park. So many beautiful specimens! Some smelled sooooo good, others just kind of okay. This is a small sample of the flowers and what our ghost boy thought about their fragrances.

After all his encounters, Hahn E. Baba was a little worn out. Ghosts don't usually spend so much time exploring! Hahn decided to take a rest at the Boathouse and see who joined him around the water. This is a record of his observations as he rested.


Designed by Matthew Francis Bustamonte under extreme duress during the summer of 2023.

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