A cactus store with more than just cactus

It's a lovely small greenhouse called Cactus Store; there are many different kinds of tropical plants, All the plants here grow happily under the careful care of the owner Matty.

Matty‘s Flag

Matty loves his lovely tropical plants very much, so Matty decided to let his lovely plants have their own flags. These flags also represent him, the king of the plant kingdom.

Matty's Kingdom Map and Plant Babies

Kingdom Map

Matty builds a map for his plant kingdom, Through this map, visitors can clearly find the location of Matty's plant babies.

Matty's Caution

Since younger visitors started coming to Matty's plant kingdom, Matty decided to put out an announcement, there are also some dangerous existences in his plant kingdom, and you will be very unhappy if you are hit by them.

Matty's Scent Library

Matty loves the smell of every square meter of air in his kingdom, so Matty made a scent diagram, This diagram clearly records the lightness and heaviness of all the smells here.

Matty’s Two Hour

Two hours of the daily life of a king of the tropical kingdom.