Sour Mouse is a speakeasy-style game lounge in the Lower East Side. They have a full calendar of live music, art, comedy, and gaming events every week. I attended for Jazz Open Mic Night and "Jazz In the Basement" and was very impressed with the overall casual vibe and the friendliness of the people!

Archive Map

Here is a floor plan of the space and where you can find each person I met at "Jazz Open Mic Night." Can you find them on the map?

Icon and Symbol Sets

After brainstorming the prompts, "something unlikely," "something interacted with," and "evidence of what is no longer there," I created two design systems to simplify my chosen objects.

Sensory Diagrams

In this project I ranked sensory information on various scales, which there was a lot of!

  1. How loud are the musicians?

    The musicians were excellent and there were so many bright personalities, so that is what I set out to document. I was particularly interested in the balance of the musical instruments, given the pitch, resonance, and overall nature of the instrument.

  2. How groovy are the patterns?

    There was pattern and texture everywhere. The bar was retro, but some of the crowd was old school, some trendy. Here I attempt to document the array of mismatch in the people and their surrounding environment.

Data Story

I collected data on the Happy Hour menu versus the standard price and the rate of change between them. Then I recorded the drinks ordered by two parties and the muscians, plus the potential costs.