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Spending Time with Apple Trees

Ocean Hill, Brooklyn, NY ☙ Summer 2022

Rose Vincelli Gustine

My neighborhood, Ocean Hill, Brooklyn - at the intersections of eastern Crown Heights and Bed-Stuy - has a surprising number of apple trees. I spent the day with the apple trees in the South Pacific Street playground and in the Phoenix Community Garden to grab a bit of pastoral beauty in the city.

Listening to the Garden

  1. 1. sparrows,
  2. 2. breeze in the trees,
  3. 3. watering the garden,
  4. 4. biting an apple,
  5. 5. sk8r rolling by,
  6. 6. crows,

  7. 7. jet to JFK,
  8. 8. key in the lock,
  9. 9. dirtbike gang,
  10. 10. ambulance

Eating in the Garden

photo of bag of apples at foot of a tree photo gif of eating an apple photo gif of eating an apple

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Smells in the Garden

  1. 1. basil,
  2. 2. raspberry bush,
  3. 3. watering the garden,
  4. 4. apple tree,
  5. 5. charcoal + lighter,
  6. 6. sunscreen,
  7. 7. sweat

Dreaming in the Garden

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Find Apple Trees

Apple Trees of note in Crown Heights/Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

googlemap of ocean hill brooklyn

More About The Artist

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