Rafael Pearl: The New Adventures

the chungus

Lil Me

I, the Exalted Rafael Pearl, Equal of Heaven, will travel to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, New York. Come along!

here we go!

wow! Ancestors

These are our ancestors... Very fuzzy! Sexy, are they not?

here we go!

wow! Stuffed Ape

This poor fellow was stuffed far too young. He is orangutan and he is full of many feelings. Good and bad. Don't get too close!

here we go!

wow! Stuffed Monkey

This poor fellow was stuffed far too young. He is monkey. He is shaking with rage for he can smell that banana in my back pocket.

here we go!

oh no! Elephant

Mighty elephant, look at him stomp. Don't stand under him when he poops.

here we go!

wow! Whale

This thing is suspended from the ceiling! I hope it doesn't fall on me!

here we go!

wow! Asia Figure

This guy seems really interesting. Maybe invite them out to coffee?

put that shit on paper

I feel overwhelmed with desire to draw some of these characters.

Sky God

Oaxacan ceremony in Mexico. A Sky God is arriving for a dinner party?

killer whale

A killer whale holding a human head. Early Nasca. I wonder what plans they have tonight?

don't poke out your eye

A Karaja forest spirit from the Amazon Rainforest. Try not to poke your eye out!

God of Death

The Zapotec God of Death from Mexico. Ahh! I think I saw it move!

Flayed Man

Xipe Totec, or "The Flayed One". An Aztec God! He is wearing human skin over his skin. He is the god of fertility and spring...Not what I expected.

Corn God

An unnamed god from the Zapotec in Mexico. He's... pretty corny!

Bat God

Another Zapotec God! This one is a Bat God. Maybe a friend of Bruce Wayne?


A Zapotec Goddess wearing the Bat God's head. I wonder what they fought about?

Thunder God

Dude and Llama watching the Incan god of thunder and lightning. There are also smaller sky god attendants observing. Seems like a fun party!

Thanks for coming along! Check out my instagram: @ol.rafiki -Rafael Pearl